Jun 17, 2010

Spain-Switzerland - Perfect

The match, pointed as the 'greatest surprise' during the first round of the World Cup was a great source of profit for people like me, capitalizing on such 'surprises'. Uruguay did it better than I expected ( my forecast was only 0:2). For today I expect Greece to make a surprise against Nigeria, while France and Argentina most probably will not face any significant resistance.

Jun 13, 2010

Right results- good cash

Only Serbians did bad t the world cup an didn't meet my prediction, but the others are scoring right and this results in hot cash. The other important thing is to register in the right betting rooms, as most of the good poker rooms are not offering good sports betting. In this sense a good site is Bonusite.com which offers a number of the best bonus offers allover the net.

Jun 11, 2010

World cup - huge profits

So the world cup has started and poker tables are now empty. However sports betting is also a good source of money  with all that free bonuses and thousands on events to bet on. I was pretty sure that Mexico and South Africa will finish 1:1 and and bet on it in several rooms. It is not so easy to find a site that offers the best bonuses but I would definitely recommend this one. These guys has spend some time to handpick all hot bonus offers for the world cup, as well as some poker and casino ones. Waiting for the next match now and hope France and Uruguay will also draw.